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Happy to deformation, the design director recommended a single chair,also it is home blogger’s favorite, at least thousands of customer have become a super fans of this single chair, it is the nice ideal choice of home space. The Ohm single chair is supported by a gold metal frame, giving the whole product a solid structure. With the Hermes orange soft cushion PU leather finish, so durable and easy to clean, is the first choice for indoor space soft decoration. Soft, full and curved backrest is ergonomically designed to give our backs just the right amount of support Interior designer or furniture distributor ,Contact us today to get a quote and bring the Ohm accent chair into your business



Assembly is required. 1. Natural materials will vary subtly in color tone, surface texture, and veining. Natural variations are not considered product defects. (Normal use is not affected.) 2. Due to the difference between shooting lights and display resolutions, there may be chromatic aberrations between the picture and the real object and the picture on our website is for reference only. 3. Since the dimensions of our products are manually measured, there may be an error of ± 0.79 inch between the real product and the measurement data. The measurement data is for reference only. Product Care Dry clean only. Do not use bleach, water or steam. To refresh, use a vacuum with a fabric brush to vacuum up and down and left and right. In case of spills, use a clean, lint-free cloth to blot up the liquid as soon as possible; avoid rubbing the soiled area. For dried or set stains, dry cleaning is recommended.Spot clean with warm water.Or use a special fabric cleaner

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Our industry-leading warranty covers a full year of manufacturing defects from time of receipt, damage to domestic shipments, and an average of 3-5 years on indoor furniture construction, dependent on material. Final sale items, custom orders, and damage from improper use are not covered under warranty. While we ensure the highest quality of outdoor furniture, our UV-resistant products are not fade-proof and may experience normal wear due to exposure. For a comprehensive list of coverage, please contact Free swatches for trade partners. Become a partner.

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COLOR: White, gray, brown,CUSTOM

SKU: ZUOFEI-Y97-20200926

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Questions & Answers

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"What material is this Ohm Single Lounge Chair made of?"

Asked by Grado interior company, on 09/30/2023

The surface of this Chair is made of Hermes orange soft cushion PU leather , which is soft and gentle on the skin. The seat cushions are made of high-density foam cushions .Bottom seat cushions have been reinforced. The foam provides strong rebound and excellent support.

Can cats play on this Ohm Single Lounge Chair?"

Asked by Naresh, on 08/08/2023

Cats can play on it, but be careful as they might scratch the sofa.

Does this Ohm Single Lounge Chair require assembly? If yes, how long does assembly take, and how many people are needed?"

Asked by Gitre, on 07/12/2023

This Chair requires simple assembly, and two people can easily complete it in just 2 minutes.